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Events are subject to change so check here for updated lists as well as watch for an email closer to the reunion and check the facebook page.

Jesse N Smith Family Reunion Activity Details

REGISTER TODAY! We are sending weekly updates with details, but the big day will go something like this…

Saturday July 22, 2023 – Main reunion day in Parowan (don’t miss this day!!)


        8:00: Early Registration, Swag & Dutch Oven Biscuits (Fairgrounds: Clinic Way, Parowan)

·         There will be Dutch Oven Biscuits at the Iron County Fairgrounds, same place as the Registration and Opening Ceremonies.

·         There will be a Dutch Oven that Grandpa Jesse owned and used on display. How cool is that?! 

       9:00: Early Registration & Swag (Iron County Fairgrounds: Clinic Way, Parowan)

·         Swag continues all morning after opening ceremonies at Parowan City Center (address below)

·         Playing old pioneer-type songs

       9:45: Warm up the crowd: crowd songs, trivia questions + swag giveaways

       10:00: Opening Ceremony (Iron County Fairgrounds: Clinic Way, Parowan)

·         Stadium seating under a huge, shaded pavilion

·         Jesse N Smith Heritage Foundation Welcome

·         Grand entrance of Grandpa Jesse and 5 wives with horse & wagon

·         Stage performances, singing


       11:00-5:00: Games, Activities & Local Sites…

This is flexible time with unstructured activities for all ages…

·         Registration & Swag continued at City Center (by Old Rock Church: 59 S 100 W, Parowan)

·         Parking at the Old Rock Church and the Stake Center on that same bloc 

·         Lunch ~12-2 (not provided): Food trucks, local restaurants, bring your own lunch 

·         Outdoor Activities:

o   Pioneer games of all kinds (stick pull, corn hole, 9-square, etc.)

o   Huge Inflatables! (jump house, slide, etc.)

o   Dunk tank (back by popular demand) J

o   Cool summer treats (snow cones, watermelon, ice water, etc.)

o   Historical tours 

       1:00-5:00: Indoor Games and Activities…

This is flexible time with both structured and unstructured activities for all ages…

Speakers & Dinner (Old Stake Center: 90 S Main, Parowan, UT)

·         1:00-2:15 PM – Jesse N Smith Wives’ Stories: each wife will tell her story in the setting of the old Parowan Stake Center chapel, which is a Frank Lloyd Wright architectural design built in the 1930s. This is a beautiful setting with comfortable seats, ADA access, descending theater seating, restrooms, and a balcony. Come and hear about the strength and deep conviction of these wonderful women who worked hard and endured much as they were motivated by love of God and family. Prepare to be inspired by your cousins, five good women who are direct descendants of the wives they are representing, who have prepared these life sketches for all of us to enjoy!

Prepared by:

o   Tylee Perkins (Emma West)

o   Jaclyn Nebeker (Margaret West)

o   Mindy Jeppesen (Janet Johnson)

o   Julie Smith Strong (Augusta Outzen)

o   Gina Harsh (Emma Larson)

o   managed by Gina Harsh

·         2:30-4:30 PM – Guest Speakers: we will have several fun speakers on a number of heritage-related topics! Come and have a seat in this comfortable spot as you listen to great speakers and let the heat of the day pass by. 😎

o   Silas Smith: Nathan Hall, our cousin, will share stories about the relationship between Jesse and his older brother Silas, who were close throughout their lives.

o   The Rest of the Story: Shaun Heaton, our cousin, will share lesser known but powerful stories you likely have not yet heard!!

o   Jesse’s Living Grandchildren: hear many reminiscent stories of Grandpa Jesse’s living grandchildren who will share their memories with us. (recordings captured & prepared by Nathan Hall & compiled by Shaun Heaton)

Games, Family History & Food (New Church Building: 59 S 100 W, Parowan)            

·         1:00-5:00 PM – Gym Activities: the following activities will be happening in the gym of the new chapel.

o   Lazy Lounge: in the corner of the gym, we’ll have tables and chairs dedicated to sitting, visiting, and “chilling.” Relax and chat while drinking some Kool-Aid.   

o   Swag Table: JNS Reunion Swag/Memorabilia for sale, prepared by Nancy Hansen & Eddy Heaton:

          Shirts, Hats, Water bottles, Wristbands

          JNS challenge coins 

o   Family History Tables: learn & discover more about the Jesse N Smith family & pick up a free photo!

          Display of original records 

          Selection of free 5×7 photo prints of JNS and each wife

          JNS descendancy chart  

          Add current names and contact information to growing list of JNS descendants

          Silent auction of framed portraits and descendancy chart

          Managed by Cathy Clark Gilmore 

o   JNS Family Missionary Board: indicating missions served by JNS and his posterity, feel free to add your own!! 

o   Grandpa Jesse Photo Op: this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a selfie with Grandpa Jesse or take your picture sitting in one of Grandpa Jesse’s personal chairs (bought during the AZ period).

NOTE: Grandpa Jesse (portrayed by Marlin Smith!) will be walking about this entire reunion day, so grab him and take a photo! 

o   Pioneer Food & Table Games:

          Scone and butter making and cooked with delicious honey home-grown by your cousin, Shaun Heaton!

          Handicrafts like Pioneer Nintendo (what’s that you say???) 

          Surprise… and more

o   Memory Can Decorating: tables for decorating your memory cans to be deposited in the Time Capsule Vault outside the JNS Parowan Home, prepared by Janet Hales & Shaun Heaton.   

          WE will have your memory can for the time capsule ready for you to decorate and load with your precious memoirs etc.  

          A partial list of items you can consider: What will you put in you can??  

§  Newspaper story, family picture, your favorite CD, sheet music, cell phone

§  Letter to a baby born in 2023, hand and or footprint, birth announcement

§  Letter to your future family, letter to unborn grandchildren, 2048 predictions

§  Autograph, wedding announcement, graduation announcement, etc.

          The Jesse N Smith Facebook page, managed by Ione Heine, has a few posts with additional ideas for your cans. 


       4:30-6:15 PM: Dinner (provided) / Visit…

o   We will be serving Navajo tacos prepared by a local family (managed by Dale Heaton) and potluck deserts prepared by YOU! Dinner is covered in your registration fee.

o   All local cousins driving to the reunion from somewhere in Utah are asked to bring a potluck desert, pie, or a Jell-O or pudding salad of some kind. (ribbons will be given for best potluck recipes! 😋)

o   Potluck deserts! Bring your favorite family dishes for pies, cookies, green Jell-o, etc.

o   Share recipes with your cousins!!

       6:15: Time Capsule – this is the BIG reveal!! (Back yard of Jesse N Smith Home: 45 W 100 S)

o   We’ll seal family predictions and memories in a concrete vault to be opened in 25 years!!

o   NOTE: follow emails and JNS Family Facebook posts to order your family’s vault container!


       7:15: Closing Ceremony & Family Prayer (Stake Center chapel: 90 S Main, Parowan)

o   Jesse N Smith’s legacy video, prepared by Cathy Gilmore, Ione Heine, Nate Hall, Star Hall (~15mins)

**Featuring voices of: Marlin Smith, Menlo Smith, Shirley Smith, Max Hall, Star Hall

o   Relatives around Me (~5mins)

o   Closing comments & prayer



Additional Reunion Details…

        Optional Activities on Friday, Sunday & Monday (Saturday is the BIG family event)

o   July 21, Friday – JNS cousins temple session, Cedar City Temple (optional)

NOTE: You will need to reserve your spot for the Friday session at 7 pm

o   July 23, Sunday – Sunday services with JNS cousins (optional)

NOTE: The JNS Family has been invited to attend the 10:30 sacrament meeting in the older building on 90 S. Main. Some may want to gather after for lunch in Parowan (to be arranged by individual families)

o   July 24, Monday – Enjoy local Pioneer Day celebrations and historic sites (optional)

NOTE: The city allows consumer fireworks at one site: Lions Park at 145 South 300 East 

        Lodging of all kinds available in Parowan and Cedar City (Google SOON to research and decide; filling up fast!)

o   Mountain View Lodge has offered us a sweet deal! (click the link and put in code “JNS” for $70 rate)

                                                   i.      Street Address: 625 West 200 South, Parowan Utah

                                                 ii.      Phone: (435) 263-0058

o   RV Parks & Campgrounds

o   AirBnB/VRBO options


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