Journal of Jesse N. Smith: Condensed Edition by Nephi Jensen


A condensed version of Jesse’s original journal including most of the significant events in the unabridged version with interesting commentary

Edited by Nephi Jensen, Jesse’s closely acquainted son-in-law

Softbound, 136 pages.



This condensed version of the Journal of Jesse N. Smith was compiled and edited by Nephi Jensen, a son-in-law of Jesse who knew him well and admired him greatly. It omits much of the daily trivia of the original Journal but retains all the significant events and adds interesting commentary which explains and illuminates important elements of his story. The editor’s aim has been to let Jesse tell, in his own terse and beautiful language, the story of his eventful pioneer life. All the important incidents of his varied and useful career are printed just as he has set them down. Readers will find this to be a most interesting depiction of what life was like for the pioneers of the American west in the 19th century. It also tells of the accomplishments and deprivations experienced by this great pioneer leader. This edition has been provided by the Jesse N. Smith Heritage Foundation.

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