Journal of Jesse Nathaniel Smith | Six Decades in the Early West 1834 – 1906 (Paperback)


This treasured volume comes from the hand-written journal of this illustrious Mormon pioneer leader who lived from 1834 to 1906.

Oliver R. Smith & Dorothy H. Williams

Softbound | 468 pages | Original Publication Date 1970


The complete version of the Journal of Jesse N. Smith as recorded by his own hand. It tells the story of his eventful pioneer life in his own terse and beautiful language. All the important incidents of his varied and useful career are printed, just as he has set them down. Readers will find this to be a most interesting depiction of what life was like for the pioneers of the American west in the 19th century. It tells of the accomplishments and deprivations experienced by this great pioneer leader and his large family. Jesse was a tower of strength at a time when strength was sorely needed by the thousands of struggling and persecuted saints for whom he had responsibility. His natural modesty prevented him from ever referencing his impressive attributes. But they were well recognized by those he led and by the leaders of The Church. President Joseph F. Smith said of him: “If there is a man on earth whom I love it is he, and I…hold him in the highest esteem as a man, as a wise counselor, as a citizen, as a neighbor, a patriarch and a servant of the Lord and His people…His undeviating firmness in the gospel, his manly, upright and just course through life, his broad intelligence, his love for his family, his people and God, and his devotion to right principle, have marked him as a moral giant among his fellows, and withal no more modest, unassuming man, perhaps ever lived.” This edition has been provided by the Jesse N. Smith Heritage Foundation.


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