Jesse N Smith

Family Timeline

Dec 2, 1834
Jesse N Smith

Born: Dec 2, 1834, Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co., NY

He was the youngest child of his father*s second marriage, and traces his lineage thus on the paternal side: Silas Smith and Mary Aikens; Asahel Smith and Mary Duty; Samuel Smith II and Priscilla Gould; Samuel Smith and Rebecca Curtis; Robert Smith and Mary French. Robert came to America from England in 1638 and settled at Topsfield, Mass. in l648.

His lineage on his mother’s side is: Nathaniel Aikens and Mary Tupper; Solomon Aikens and Dorcas Whitcomb; whose parents came from England. Both of his grandfathers fought in the Revolutionary War, and his father fought his country’s battles in the War of 1812 as captain of militia.


May 13, 1852
Married First Wife
Emma Seraphine West

Born: January 3, 1836, Benton County, Tennessee

Her parents were Samuel Walker West and Margaret Cooper. They embraced the gospel in early days and migrated with their family from Tennessee to Nauvoo, in 1842. The West family suffered much persecution and hardship for the gospel’s sake. They came to Utah with the general exodus of the Saints from Nauvoo. In 1851 they were called by Brigham Young to help establish the settlement of Parowan, Utah.

In common with other pioneer girls Emma very early in life learned to cook, to sew, to knit and darn socks, to card and spin the wool, weave cloth, make candles and other duties of a housekeeper. She measured up in every way to young Jesse N.. Smith’s ideal of a suitable companion for time and eternity. They were married May 13, 1852. Though they were young in years they were mature in experience and understanding and were well pared to establish a true Latter-day Saint home., This couple truly happy ever after” in peace and love for 54 years until the husband away and she died four years later on October 15, 1910.


Jan 27, 1956
Married Second Wife
Margaret Fletcher West

Born: May 22, 1838, Benton County, Tennessee

Sixth of 10 children of Samuel W. and Margaret C. West.

She joined the church at 8 years old and came to Utah with her parents later. Margaret was married to Jesse N. Smith, January 27, 1956 in Parowan (she was a younger sister to Emma, first wife of Jesse N.)

They were blessed with two children-ADELAIDE MARGARET, born February 13, 1857 in Parowan, Utah; JOSEPH WEST, born September 6, 1859, in Minersville, Utah.


Married Third Wife
Janet Mauretta Johnson


Enough cannot be said in praise and appreciation for those brave, courageous Pioneer Mothers who helped build up the waste places for coming generations, shoulder to shoulder with their husbands, willingly faced privations and hardships, even death.

Janet, the 3rd wife of Jesse Nathaniel Smith was one of those women. She was born just 6 weeks after her father, Joel Hills Johnson and Mother Janet Fife Johnson crossed the plains into the Valley. She was born into a large family; consequently she learned many skills to help make the living. She learned to card, spin and weave wool. She wove the cloth for all her sheets and pillow cases, towels, table cloths, etc., and her wedding dress.


June 3, 1869
Married Fourth Wife
Augusta Maria Outzen

Born: Jan 14, 1854, Randers, Denmark

Fourth wife of Jesse N. Smith. Her parents were Jens Christian Outzen and Martha Maria Christensen. This little miss who was christened Augusta Maria was destined to do many uncommon things. She was told “Thy posterity shall be as numerous as the sands upon the seashore; thou hast been raised up to bring forth a chosen seed.”

Little Augusta found a very good and comfortable home, lovely furniture, gardens, hedges, and an array of colorful flowers. ·She started to school at the age of seven, but when she was twelve years old her father took her out of the public school and placed her in a select private school. Here she learned many accomplishments and arts. Grandfather bought her a kid glove machine and she made and sold several dozen pairs a week.


Oct 29, 1881
Married Fifth Wife
Emma Larson

Born: April 6, 1863, West Jordan, Salt Lake County, Utah

Aunt Em was the fifth wife of Jesse Nathaniel Smith. They were married in the St. George Temple Oct. 29, 1881. Her parents, Mons Larson and Ellen Malmstrom, joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in their native land of Sweden and emigrated to Utah in 1859. They crossed the plains with a handcart company and suffered many hardships on their journey.

Emma’s childhood was spent at West Jordan, Tooele and Santaquin, Utah. In 1878 she accompanied her parents who were called to help pioneer the settlement of Snowflake, Arizona. Her opportunities for formal education were limited, but she was well-trained and versatile in all of the home-making arts. She excelled in the art of cooking, was an expert seamstress and milliner and weaver of cloth and carpets. She was eager for learning and through her diligent efforts became well informed.


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